Pushkar in Rajasthan is measured between slopes on three sides and sand ridges on the leftover side. An old town that murmurs its own mood, the spot is about religion, legacy, culture, and warmth moved into one all-encompassing scene. Remaining by the great Pushkar Lake, the town is not normal for some other vacationer location you may go over in India but it hits the right notes as a voyager’s heaven. There are numerous things to enjoy and investigate in this magnificent town. Peruse further to think about the best places to visit in Pushkar on your outing.

Places to visit in Pushkar:

Pushkar Lake
Varah Temple
Rangji Temple
Gurudwara Singh Sabha
Rose Garden
Brahma Temple
Man Mahal
Savitri Temple
Naga Pahar

1. Pushkar Lake, Pushkar

With in excess of 52 ghats dabbing its border, Pushkar Lake remains the most unmistakable and grand milestone of this town. Rumours from far and wide suggest that the lake was made when Brahma (the maker of the universe according to the Hindu sacred writings) dropped a lotus at this spot. In that capacity, it is a consecrated water body for Hindus, who come from a far distance to take a plunge in it and get cleansed of their wrongdoings and restored of skin sicknesses. You can discover notice of this lake in coins having a place in the fourth century BC. The lake is home to different types of fish and other oceanic life. More than 500 of all shapes and sizes smooth blue sanctuaries encompass the lake and present an incredible sight. In case you are keen on photography, the dazzling lake offers a superb foundation to catch some mind-blowing shots.

2. Brahma Temple, Pushkar

Located close to Pushkar Lake is the Brahma Temple, one of the most visited shrines of the town. It is one of the few temples in the world that are dedicated to Lord Brahma. The 14th-century temple features a distinct pinnacle in red and a lovely motif of a hamsa bird. An idol of a four-headed Brahma resides inside the temple, accompanied by his consort Gayatri. The impressive architecture of this worship place makes it worth your time.

3. Varah Temple, Pushkar

One of the oldest shrines in Pushkar, the Varah Temple was built in the 12th century. After Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb destroyed the temple, it was rebuilt by Raja Sawai Man Singh II in the 18th century. The shrine is dedicated to Varaha, Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as a wild boar. Today the temple stands as a fine testament to the architectural magnificence of the bygone era. The flawless structural beauty makes it a one-of-a-kind attraction that is rarely missed by tourists and pilgrims alike.

4. Man Mahal, Pushkar

Considered to be the largest and the most luxurious royal residence built in the town, the Man Mahal is one of Pushkar’s major tourist attractions. It was constructed by Raja Man Singh-I as a guest house. Situated adjacent to Pushkar Lake, the palace offers a breath-taking view of the lake and the temples surrounding it. Today, the palace functions as a heritage hotel. If you can’t afford a stay in this royal residence, you can always take a walk up to it and take a look at its exemplary architecture.

5. Rangji Temple, Pushkar

An interesting element of the Ranji Temple is that it displays South Indian compositional style, which isn’t normal in Pushkar. Be that as it may, the greatness of the sanctuary is unquestionable. This famous spot of love is committed to Lord Rangii, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. The sanctuary traces all the way back to 1823 and is viewed as among the new sanctuaries of Pushkar.

6. Savitri Temple, Pushkar

Remaining on the Ratnagiri Hill, Savitri Temple has a fascinating legend that attracts explorers to it. It is said that the sanctuary is worked at where Goddess Savitri had once come and rested in the wake of being irritated with her significant other for wedding another lady. In the event that you put forth the attempt of journeying to the sanctuary, you will be compensated with wonderful sights of the encompassing regions, including the Pushkar Lake and the tremendous Thar Desert.

7. Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Pushkar

The sanctuary town of Pushkar was visited by Guru Nanak Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh in 1509 and 1706, individually. Gurudwara Singh Sabha celebrates the spot of Guru Nanak Sahib’s visit. Gobind Ghat, presently renamed as Gandhi Ghat, denotes where the last Sikh Guru had remained during his visit.

8. Naga Pahar, Pushkar

In case you are searching for spots to visit in Pushkar and Ajmer, you should not pass up Naga Pahar, a slope that stands as the divider between Pushkar and Ajmer. In the event that neighbourhood legends are to be accepted, the slope was once of giant stature. In any case, with time, its stature started to lessen. The predominant conviction is that one day, the slope will totally vanish. If you have faith in this, you will love making an outing to the highest point of this hill. The interesting perspective from the top will leave you hypnotized without a doubt! No big surprise, picture takers regularly make it a highlight catch shocking perspectives on the town beneath from this slope.

9. Rose Garden, Pushkar

Pushkar is regularly alluded to as the Rose Garden of Rajasthan because of the rose cultivating done there. You can get some much-needed rest and visit one of the rose ranches and watch the flawless blossoms in sprout. It will be a joy to investigate the different assortments of rose plants topping off sections of land of farmland and spreading their aroma. Roses from Pushkar are traded all around the world and they are sufficiently tempting to make you need to invest some energy in their organization.

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