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Pushkar is a semi-desert area that is 15 km away from Ajmer & 150 km from Jaipur, and currently has become a popular tourist destination for traveller interested in camel safari near Jaipur.

Camel Safari Pushkar

Pushkar, which is situated about 11 km away from Ajmer, in the majestic state of Rajasthan is a holy place and is quite well-known for the unforgettable Camel Safari through the undulating sand dunes of the Thar Desert.

Types of Camel Safari in Pushkar

  1. Sunrise & Sunset camel safari (2 hrs.)
  2. Half-day camel safari (3 hrs.)
  3.  Full-day camel safari (6 hrs.)

Sunrise & Sunset camel safari in Pushkar (2hrs.)

Sunrise & Sunset camel safari in Pushkar starts from Pushkar fair ground or where you are staying at 3.30 PM in the evening and 6:3o in morning. then reached sunset point which is famous among tourists because it provides a wonderful view of the shining sunset or sunrise view. There that lots of people came to enjoy there. Lots of camels and camel carts, and desert bikes are there. Some sellers offer you Rajasthani traditional dresses to wear on rent and Here you also enjoy Tandoori Chai with amazing sunrise or sunset view. It’s time to shoot a perfect picture to show to your family and friends. 

 Half-day camel safari (3 hrs.)

Haf-day camel safari starts from your last point and Then we move to kalbeliya (Pushkar nomad’s houses). They live in temporary and plastic houses. They live simple and hard life. They totally away from city life and modernization. You may share your views towards them and ask them how they live their hard life. Then we again come back by camel from where we start the camel ride.

 Full-day camel safari (6 hrs.)

Full-day camel safari starts from your pick-up point and first covers the sunset point after that you cover local Pushkar villages. Then we again start camel safari and reached the rose gardens where men and women in Rajasthani traditional dresses were picking up rose flowers to sell it in the market and the children were excited to see you. on the way we see many cattle groups( cow , sheep ,buffaloes) in the evening you go to sand dunes where you enjoy kalbeliya Dance with welcome drinks. Then you again come back by camel from your start.

We have listed some of the best Camel Safaris in Pushkar that you must check during your next trip to this paradise on earth.

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