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Devoted to lord Vaikuntha Venkatesh, the new Rangji temple is amongst the most ancient temples in all of Pushkar. The temple is acknowledged for its mesmerizing architectural design including the high rising Gopuram, a composition which is common amongst several South Indian temples followed by an enormous entrance. The temple, through its layout also carries the essence of Mughal architecture as well. Bowing inside the temple, we find it’s four corners embedded with Garuda, signifying the presence of Vaikuntha Venkatesh. Among the temple exists sections of other temples, specifically eight in number, that are dedicated to various gods including Goddess Laxmi and Lord Krishna among others.

The presence of a priest at the temple is always mandatory and they act as a caretaker of the new Rangji temple. Visitors can also indulge in prayers and ‘puja’ sessions at the temple which is carried out every day. The serene atmosphere and delightful architecture of the temple have made it one of the most visited places among tourists in the holy town of Pushkar. The temple is particularly crowded with tourists during the Pushkar fair, a holy celebration that is celebrated every year during the Kartik period. 

All in all, devotees and tourists who find delight in architectural elegance should definitely pay a visit to the charming New Rangji temple. It is family-friendly and takes more than an hour to explore it completely which makes it a promising destination for weekend getaways with family and friends. There are also various eateries and snack shops near the temple place for visitors to enjoy a good meal.



Things to do at Rangji Temple and Attractions near Rangji Temple 1. Pray and Pooja: The temple is home to saints and pundits who also help visitors through various prayers. The prayers are dedicated to the lords and are meant to bring peace into the lives of the devotees. Places like the Pushkar lake are also preferred by visitors as a place to pray in complete serenity. Visitors can also indulge in the pooja that is practiced every day in the evening and early morning at places like Brahma temple which is just in the vicinity of the Rangji temple. The pooja can last from anywhere between 10 minutes to half an hour and it is an experience one must not miss out on. The puja ceremony generally includes chanting after the priests a spiritual mantra offered to Lord Rangi follows by a tilak on the forehead and Prashad. 2. Visiting other temples at Rangji temple: Inside the Rangji temple itself, there are 8 other temples. These temples are dedicated to various gods and incarnations of gods including goddess Laxmi. Visitors can pay a visit to these temples and enjoy praying at each of them. Spread in a vast area these temples are at various corners of the temple and one must keep ample time in hand to admire a visit to each of them. 3. Shop: Just outside the temple and to about half a kilometer, there is an array of shops and a large market where visitors can enjoy shopping. Various religious crafts and ornaments can be found in these shops. Visitors can also buy Prasad from some of these shops. Additionally, guests can also buy some regional Rajasthani style jewelry. Being an integral part of the culture, jewelry shops are in abundance near the temple and ornaments like bangles, earrings can be found here. Tourists can also shop for antiques including various paintings, marble idols, swords among others. 4. Camel Safari: Visitors can enjoy camel safari found very close to the temple. The safari will take visitors to a number of places and tourist spots throughout the town on a camel. Sunsets are also widely enjoyed riding on the camel in the desert lands of Pushkar by various tourists and adventure enthusiasts. 5. Have a delicious meal: The eateries near the temple offer some of the most delicious food in the town. All vegetarian dishes, the stalls and restaurants offer to compile whole meals as well as snacks. If you come down to the temple for early morning prayer, local 'Chai' (tea) is something you most certainly should not forget to have before you begin your exploration journey. Snacks like samosa and chole are also very much appreciated by visitors. Most of the restaurants here open early in the morning and work late till night to serve ongoing tourists and devotees. Pocket-friendly and delicious, a feast at the local restaurants here is a must. 6. Brahma Temple: Devoted to the creator of all things, Lord Brahma, the Brahma temple is one of the most popular temples among an array of 400 temples the town holds. Delightful architecture and a serene place, the temple is beloved among tourists and devotees. Apart from Brahma the temple also holds the idols of his wife Gayatri. The greatness of women is also depicted through the sculptures in the temple that includes a red zenith and the symbol of bird detecting the empowerment of women. Saints here pray in harmony, uninterrupted and visitors can be a part of them these prayers too. 7. Man Mahal: Residing in the vicinity of the Rangji temple, Man Mahal was constructed by Raja Man Singh who, once upon a time, was a Navrana of the Mughal King Akbar. The Mahal was ideally built as a place for Raja Man Singh and his guests to unwind and relax when they visited Pushkar. With a bewitching architecture and a panoramic view of the spread of temples in Pushkar, the Man Mahala is definitely a place one must visit. From the Man Mahal, the Pushkar lake is also visible and during a particular time in the day visitors can also enjoy a mesmerizing reflection of all the temples in the lake, it is definitely an extraordinary experience. 8. Pushkar Lake: This gorgeous lake lying amidst the vastness of temples that surround it is said to be of high significance and importance, not just for its marvelous design but also for its holy values. The lake is embedded with a series of 50 'ghats' or stations where devotees and visits can take a bath in the lake. By bathing in the lake, the holy water of the lake bestows upon the devotees it's blessings and helps them achieve peace. The best time to enjoy a chilling bath at the lake is during the month of November, it is the same time when pilgrims from around the nation visit here for a holy bath. 9. Pushkar Yoga Garden: Fitness enthusiasts and heath freaks will find this place of great interest. The Pushkar Yoga Garden is a lush green lawn embedded with a variety of flora and fauna. Regular yoga sessions are conducted here which visited can be a part of or they can also choose to just sit around in the garden and enjoy a good time relaxing. Meditation is also something that is practiced here and is one of the most recommended activities to do in the garden. Visitors can also stay here and indulge in prolonged yoga sessions that go on for days.

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