Pushkar is considered to be the abode of the world’s father Brahma. It is said that when Brahma ji was given the task of creating the earth. Brahma threw a lotus flower which fell on the earth at this place. At this place, Brahma ji performed the work of creating the universe. All the gods and goddesses of the universe came here to merge into the Yagya. 25km around Pushkar. Somewhere in the mythological temple they ashram is present. Where to go is nothing less than a paradise. Darshan done here gives you a different status

Nature has blessed Pushkar with many specialties when you come to visit Pushkar. Ajmer is just 14 km. You will see a beautiful view of the valleys of the Aravali Mountains. Tourists come to Pushkar for two main reasons. (1) Spiritual (2) Adventure.

Spiritual. By the way, people from all corners of the world come to Pushkar. People who believe in Hindu religion more come to Pushkar. Pushkar considers all pilgrims to be gurus. Pushkar is called the second eye of the earth. People who believe in Hindu religion come here in large numbers to donate the bodies of their ancestors. And you wish for the peace of the souls of your ancestors, there are such mythological temples around Pushkar, those ashrams whose existence is thousands of years old.

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