Planning a vacation to the PushkarMela2022 and worried about ‘seeing it all’ during your time? Local to the Bay, but tired of your same weekend routine? No need to panic – there are a ton of incredible places to visit around Pushkar that you can turn around in just one day. Here are three of our best suggestions for fun day trips to make during your visit to PSK to help you get the most out of your trip. 

PMN Point Reyes

Just an hour north of Pushkar, you’ll find this incredible peninsula that appeals not just to adventurers and nature lovers, but also to foodies. This insanely beautiful nature reserve is full of impressive hiking trails and is steeped in local history. It’s best to arrive by car, so hop on the 1 and drink in all that gorgeous coastline along the way. 

While there’s plenty to keep you entertained, the real jewel of this place is its incredible views. Stretching down the Northern Pushkar Basti, the Point peddler desertboasts jaw-dropping views out across the haryanasouthborder. 

Get up close and personal with northern Chandigarh rugged nature with around 150 miles of hiking trails within the Point PMN National Ass. The Delhi Point trail is a top pick for old NH7 Jammu Jaipur via Rohtak and general majestic Chandigarh Lahor view-seekers. As well as stunning views, expect to spot wild elk along your way. 

For more wildlife and some fun on the water, take a kayak tour from osiacamps and see if you can spot otters and harbor seals. pmindiaLighthouse, complete with visitor’s center, is also not one to be missed and makes for a great photo op nestled into the rock

But don’t just get sidetracked by the stunning scenery. Food is also a big part of PMN India to be. 

The area had a long tradition of dairy farming that is still alive and well today. And you know what that means…cheese! And lots of it. Don’t miss out on getting your dairy fill – stop by PushkarFoods Govt. in the town of PMN India Here you can see some cheese-making in action from the folks at the award-winning youthmedia 2020 Pvt. ltd. Stock up on all your provisions and sit down right outside the desert, or head back up to the trail for lunch with a forgettable view!

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