What should I wear in Pushkar?

All Answer From Trip-adviser

I was in India and Rajasthan in November of 2017 and it was WARM.

Best is to cover your body with long sleeves and long pants in light fabrics and a loose cut. Indian men like to stare at Western women. Long sleeves and pants will also give you protection from bugs and sun.

I like the salwar kameez (sometimes called punjabi) that many Indian women wear. Pants that are loose but narrow at the ankle with a tunic and a dupata (scarf). That scarf is enough to wrap you in, should you encounter a little chill.

Young Indian women in the wealthy parts of large cities tend to dress in a more western way but Rajasthan is more traditional. I stayed in a tent hotel when I was in Pushkar.

Have a great trip. It is an exciting part of the world.

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